Essential Oils

I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated using essential oils, at first, mainly because of how nice they smell. Then as I started learning more about them, I found other ways that I liked to utilize them:

  • cleaning bathrooms and kitchens
  • disinfecting and purifying the air from odors or illness
  • I would bring my soothing essential oils into the birthing rooms every time we had a baby… the nurses and midwives would always comment on how wonderful things smelled and how pleasant our room would be.
  • on babies to calm them and help them to sleep
  • massage
  • to soothe and relieve the intensity of headaches
  • in homemade products like deodorants and lotions

Over the years I’ve collected a variety of resources for using essential oils (EOs) and will frequently post about them here on my blog.

I’ve also tried a variety of brands over the years and have recently done some research after having tried one of the “MLM” companies and not feeling comfortable with my association with them. I just want to use oils in the manner God provided them – from plants – without all the drama and woo-woo. It’s an oil. It smells good and it can do good things for you. I want to know that the company processing the oils is a solid company, committed to quality. And is as “drama free” as possible. While I can just simply buy oils for my own use, I felt the desire to affiliate myself with a particular company so that I could feel comfortable promoting the oils I decide I would like to use when I make products at home for our family.


Rocky Mountain Oils is my new favorite company for the reasons I stated above, and so when I talk specifically about a product I’m making, I will be using Rocky Mountain Oils.

I will have direct links in my posts and always on this page where you can go to learn more about essential oils in general, and RMO’s great products. If you would like to learn more about Rocky Mountain Oils or place an order, follow this link and you will be taken directly to their main website. If you search my categories and posts for Essential Oil posts, you will see links directly to specials and sales (which may or may not be active at the time you follow the link) and recipes for how to make products using Rocky Mountain Oils.

Get in touch with me if you have any questions!


Jennifer 🙂