Nourished Kitchen’s Fermented Soda Recipe

I’m posting this because I want to remember to do this later when we pick raspberries as a family, and because I’m very intrigued by the health benefits of fermented foods. And because while I am intrigued by them, I really don’t care for a lot of the vegetable versions of fermented foods… so whenever I find something that I might actually eat or drink, I want to take special note of it!

Here is a link to a great sounding recipe for Raspberry Ginger Soda, courtesy of Nourished Kitchen.

One thought on “Nourished Kitchen’s Fermented Soda Recipe

  1. Fermented foods are so amazing. The health benefits are incredible! Can’t get enough. I will pop on over to the link you’ve suggested! Thank you for sharing. Best, Koko:)


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