Homemade Lotion (that smells and feels yummy!)

A while ago I got into making lotion at home. I was actually getting tired of buying lotion and paying for “good” stuff for our family of 6. I also was starting to think about how what we breathe, eat, as well as rub on us and into us can affect our health. Something I read said that we really shouldn’t rub into our skin anything that we couldn’t (or shouldn’t!) eat. A look at the ingredient list of most lotions and you can see there is typically a lot of stuff in there that I probably don’t want rubbed into me, and a lot of things I can’t even pronounce! So I started using olive oil on my skin. It’s hard to use runny stuff on kids, so I started using coconut oil.

We use very good quality coconut oil for cooking (I get mine here from Tropical Traditions), but for lotions I just buy what is on sale at the grocery store, or what they carry at a Wal-Mart. I scoop it out, put it in a mixing bowl, pour a bit of olive oil in and add several drops of whatever essential oil I’m in the mood for, and blend it up with my electric mixer. It whips up nicely and then I scoop that out and put it into little pint jars, or recycled plastic containers (for the kids bathroom). Easy peasy!

lavender coconut oil lotion

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